The Beautiful Neo-Nazi Girl (erotic flash fiction)


How did I end up here?  I went to the march to protest, to condemn. These people are garbage. They want me dead. They want my family dead.

And yet here I am, with my head between pale, tattooed thighs, attached by the force of sheer lust to the body of a psychopath.

If she finds out I lied about my ethnicity I’m a dead man. I have no doubt this woman is capable of killing. The swastika flag hanging over her bed tells me all I need to know about her morals. The framed photo of a burning cross on the bedside cabinet just serves to remove any doubt.

“Go deeper,” she drawls in her gum-chewing Tennessee accent. And so I extend my tongue farther into the pink, vinegary flesh of her white pussy. All white pussies taste of vinegar. The juice they seep is sharply sour, with an echoing saltwater aftertaste. But it pulls you back, this taste. You want to leave. But you can’t. They are in charge. And they hold the tanks, the armies, the police, the power.

This sour cunt is the pinnacle of human evolution, or such is the opinion of the most powerful portion of humankind. And I am befouling it, surely, with my mongrel tongue. I should rightly be honoured to touch this semi-literate meth-head, this pristine specimen of Old America.

But she would cheer the murder of your whole family! This is madness!

Be quiet, conscience!

How can you do this?

I DON’T KNOW! Alright? I could ask these questions with my intellect well enough. Why does the thought of this woman smiling over my corpse excite me so?

I don’t know.

Why do I wish to lick the soles of her feet?

I don’t know.

Why do I wish to worship and consume her foulest excretions?

Because… because she is of a race of Gods. This flabby, tattooed divinity stands astride the world, whip and noose in hand. And to submit to her delirium is a hundredfold sweeter than to oppose it.


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