Mormon Kisses Taste Like Spearmint


Have you ever kissed a Latter Day Saint? A girl or a boy? I have. And I find they taste very pleasant indeed.

Mormon girls – and I only have experience to report (at this moment) with believers of the fairer kind – taste rather like spearmint; clean, sweet and sharp. It’s their innocence, I think. They are perfect people. And that’s all Mormonism is – a club for the perfect, or for those seeking to become so.

Their teeth are polished and squeak as you run your heathen tongue along their porcelain surface. Their breath has never been coarsened with coffee and caffeine, tobacco and amphetamine. They owe no-one debts.

They are everything I dream of being, when I’m hungover, or in withdrawal, or in trouble. From these dingy places, manicured lawns, manicured vaginas, look divine.

And what about Mormon arses? Well, here one can only go so far with language. These arses, such as the one from which I suck at this moment are by far the most delicious on Earth. Megan, my Mormon, is giggling, and wiggling her hips as I suck. My tongue is tickling playfully up and down the rough, ridged inner edges of her cheeks, plotting its slow advance into the slippery smoothness beyond, and then, finally, the warm, damp centre of the target.


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