Cleanliness of Blood

V0041892 An auto-da-fé of the Spanish Inquisition and the execution o

Maria was the first gentile I ever dated. She was only the second person I had ever dated. Perhaps what happened can be partly blamed on inexperience.

When I first encountered her, Maria, a Cantabrian Spaniard, was still glowing and dripping with the undried dew of youth and newness, moral perfection, intellectual innocence. A handsome brunette of 20, with a long and sultry face, and a chiselled, sharp chin, she charmed me without trying, without even having to try.

Her strangeness, as it soon revealed itself, took me altogether by surprise. It appeared out of nowhere, so to speak; out of a clear blue sky.

True, she had always seemed a little too interested in my Jewish heritage, asking boring and somewhat off-the-wall questions about it. But I put this down to nervousness on her part. She was just thinking of something, anything to say.

That her feelings proved not to be so benign is a needless understatement. I cannot recall exactly the number of times she delighted herself in humiliating me – racially, culturally, theologically. I can only recall that she did so, again and again and again.

I stuck with her only out of weakness. The weakness all men have for beautiful women. We can forgive them anything. Everything they do can be sexualised, made erotic. And I did enjoy things I should not have enjoyed.

One of Maria’s favourite routines was to have me kneel before her on the floor. She would position a plate of Cantabrian chorizo at her feet and commanded me thus in Spanish, “Prove your allegiance to the Christ, Jew! Prove your blood is clean!”

I would then be expected to eat the chorizo without using my hands, rather like a dog. And she would giggle.

She explained after the first time she had me do this that her ancestors used to do this to Muslim and Jewish converts during the inquisition. Since pork is unclean to both Judaism and Islam, the unfortunates suspected of dual theological loyalty would be so commanded to outrage their renounced gods in a public place.

She stroked me on the cheek after that first time, her intense brown eyes burrowing into mine.

“I will protect you, You are my special Jew.”


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