Suzetta (erotic flash fiction)


Suzetta was always an unfortunate girl. She never stood a chance. And had it not been Cheryl who brought her to an unhappy end in this way, it would have surely been someone else.

“Eat it!” her flame-haired tormentor shouted, scraping the globs of saliva she had spat inaccurately into Suzetta’s face closer to her mouth with her fingers. “Open your mouth. Eat it. Drink it.”

Suzetta was a quite terrible sight to behold, covered with phlegm, shining with sweat and tears.

“Leave me,” she sobbed pathetically. “Leave me alone. There is still time.”

“No, there isn’t.” Cheryl returned, poking the gathered film of spit between her victim’s lips.

“Eat it, you piece of trash. Eat it. The nurses are coming.”

But the nurses did not arrive for a further hour. When they did return to the ward, they came upon a horrid scene. Cheryl, naked, was seated triumphantly upon Suzetta’s face, the latter’s body cold and limp. Hot cum was pumping in squirts from Cheryl’s red-haired pussy. Her eyes were closed. Her career was finished.


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