Madeleine Golden Gas (erotic flash fiction)


Madeleine and Malcolm were entangling their bodies enthusiastically on her bed when, all of a sudden, she requested that they separate their flesh for a moment.

“What?” Malcolm asked nervously when he had pulled away from her. “What is it?”

Madeleine smiled, looking directly into his eyes. And then, moments later, there was a rippling groan from her backside. And then another…

“Ew,” Malcolm said, frowning. “What are you doing that for?”

“Just wait,” Madeleine said, wafting the air up to their faces with her hand.

“Ew! Stop it, Maddy. This is gross. I’m not into that kind of…”

“Just wait…”

And he did wait, having few other choices given the situation. And then his face changed. His jaw dropped. His eyes expanded. Madeleine’s pretty smile deepened in its intensity.

“What do you think?” she said hopefully. “I’ve been wanting to give this to you for so long. I hope we’re ready.”

“That’s… just… amazing,” Malcolm stuttered. “What?… How is this happening?”

“Just relax, babe. Close your eyes. Breathe it in.”

“I’m feeling so relaxed.”

“It’s okay. It’s perfectly safe.”

“Don’t let it stop, Maddy.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too. Don’t let it stop.”


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