Date with a Sadist (erotic flash fiction)


“She was beautiful,” Sam remarked to his friend. “If I had to compare her with someone, I’d probably go with Megan Fox. She had that dark, sultry look. You know, ethnically ambiguous?”

Darren nodded dreamily.

“But I won’t be seeing her again. I mean, she didn’t ask me for another date, but even if she did…”

“Why not?” Darren interrupted, frowning. “You don’t want another date with Megan Fox?”

“There was this thing she did when we were walking home.” Sam explained. “I still don’t fully understand it. It left me pretty shaken.”

“What? She told you she was born a…”

“This is serious, Darren. It was sick. It’s not something to joke about.”

Darren straightened his face and nodded. He drew lengthily from his black e-cigarette. “OK. Sorry. Go on.”

“We were walking down Shaftsbury Avenue. There was this really old guy sitting at the side of the street. He was sort of slumped forward, maybe drunk, maybe on drugs. I don’t know. He didn’t seem to be fully conscious.”

“A tramp?”

“Yeah. He had a little bowl of money in front of him. And a sign made out of cardboard. It said something like ‘Family dead. Have no means of support.’ It was really sad.”


“Anyway, Louise saw this guy and crouched down to read the sign. She looked back at me and smiled. It was a horrible smile, dude. I was freaked out by it straightaway. And then she opened her handbag and poured the money from the bowl into it.”


“Seriously, dude. She poured everything in. Didn’t leave the guy anything. And then she stood up and we walked on. I told her to put the money back. I told her he was probably starving. And then she grabbed my arm and said breathlessly, “Please don’t. Save it until we get back to mine.””

“What? She sounds crazy.”

“When we were back at hers, in her bedroom, she started playing with herself and asked me to talk about the guy, to tell her what impact her action might have on his life. I was so confused, but I explained he was probably going to cry and feel hopeless. I told her he was going to go without food the next day. And the more I said, the more breathless she seemed to get. She closed her eyes and fell back onto the bed. The sheets between her legs went from white to grey.”


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