My Intentions for this site


Since it is still quite a fresh weed in the internet forest I thought it might be worth saying a few words about the point of this website and my intentions for it.

I understand that there is a lot of erotica already on the internet (what we might call the ’50 Shades effect’). But a lot of this is, in my less than humble opinion, generic and tame. I was moved to create this site in order to (hopefully) add something new and subversive.

Despite the consensus of popular ignorance, erotic literature is a genre of great depth and great seriousness. If the reader ventures beneath the garbage floating on the surface, one can find in it real life-changing artworks – works like those of Anne Desclos, George Bataille and (perhaps most of all) the Marquis De Sade, whose novel Juliette has been on my bedside table since I was a teenager.

Erotica should not, I believe, be subject to the limitations of conventional morality. Fantasy is fantasy. Life is life. One may influence the other, but only as the result of human agency. The human responsible for any real-world act is the only person to whom the blame for it rightfully belongs. Erotic writers should thus be completely free to break taboos.

Anything can be arousing. And no-one should feel guilty for thinking something.

If this manifesto is one you approve of, you can best support it (and me) by buying my novels. I intend to write lots of free fiction on here, but my novels will (hopefully) help to support me. Please also share my work on social media.

Buy ‘The Torture of the Octoroon: A Tale of Sex & Slavery” with these links: (Kindle) : (Paperback) : (Kindle) : (Paperback) :

Synopsis: In this erotic novel, Abigail and Susannah are half-sisters. Abigail is white. Susannah is not, being the result of their father’s extra-marital relations with a mixed-race slave at his tobacco plantation in Florida. When their father dies, Abigail inherits not only the estate, but her sister along with it. Their relationship soon changes out of all recognition as Abigail finds a dark part of her own nature that delights in the cruel treatment of her childhood rival.

(Pinke Grapefruit)

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